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Yamasa New Hokkaido Program

Isn’t it incredible? They were already offering a lot of teaching programs. It wasn’t enough as they are now offering a Hokkaido program. That’s right you can now study for approximately a month in Sapporo with this new program. More incredible is that they are offering the same formula as in Aichi, witch is the secured accommodation. The program is available from July 21st through to August 17th. This can be combined with studies in Okazaki, Aichi. I advise that you often check on the website as they will surly make some changes as the new program will start in 2006. How do they find time to think about those things? Aren’t they already busy with the discovery tour, all the administration they have to do. Also for those who don’t know yet the construction of a new housing is finished. It is called the Residence Hane. It is build next to the student village where was standing the basketball court. However the homepage state that it is not yet possible to make reservation. Probably it is full with student who where previously in other facilities. I am still amazed at the service they give at this place. I just sent a few days ago an email and they replied on the spot!

2006 Japanese Summer Programs in Sapporo, Hokkaido