RTJ: Homesteading in Japan

A repost from Returntojapan:

Homesteading in Japan, is the subject of one article from escape artist. Now they changed the site a little, its now an almost made for adsense website. Besides some many facts that they got wrong, some parts of the article are not bad. So for a return to japan, not only a farm, but homesteading might be the way to go. Rural Japan has many good points.  Yes I am aware of the bad ones too.

Visit the original site here:



It looks like that the real original article should be this one: http://www.mail-archive.com/futurework@scribe.uwaterloo.ca/msg07324.html again this is from a scrapper site. I think the original came from a university mailing list.

Here is a reply to the article  about homesteading in Japan

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