Concerned about the future

Recommended reading for people married with a Japanese national, who are thinking of buying a house in Japan.

You can relate a lot to the story of those 2 self employed journalist trying to figure out if withdrawing most of their lifesaving to buy a house is a good idea.

I can understand the frustration, but at the same time moving the money in real estate is still as risky as keeping it in government bonds. No diversification at all. I’m still waiting on part 2 of the article to see if they finally took a loan. If would the lesser evil. With borrowing interest rate so low, they could consider borrowing 50% of the value of the house, and redistribute their savings in a balanced portfolio of ETF and REIT inspired by the couch potato strategy. It would be much less risky that going all in a house. Especially since in Japan, real estate steadily and slowly goes down year by year.

The idea that everyone needs a roof as a justification for buying real-estate, is an emotional one that does not take into account the certainties of future steep properties taxes increase. But as we get older, the specter of being homeless is very freighting indeed.  In the end there is no absolute best answer.

A recommended lengthily read at  : Cat Foreheads & Rabbit Hutches

This blog is Smartphone and Tablet compatible

After holding on for almost 5 years, got myself a tablet and can really appreciate the difference a responsive design makes when reading a site with a 7 in tablet.

In other news, I ‘ve been tracking for some times the asked rent for 1K and @2LDK in Aichi and it is as almost it went down by 1 man. I can only speculate, but recently many new apartments got built. Even got an example in my close family. I even got told that that owners are getting more accepting of foreigners. That I will only believe when I see it. As much as it sounds good as a renter, it is a disturbing sign of yet another imbalance in the Japanese economy.


New Blogs about Yamasa, the Japanese School


A snack, “Buta-man” because I earned it. You can get it at Kariya-shi, the rest area called “Oasis” on the Tokai-dou

So what’s happening online? What are people telling about Yamasa, learning Japanese, living in Okazaki-shi?

See my new addition to my collection of resources about Yamasa, the language school:

A tread at JREF intitiled “Alternative to Yamasa”
Not a blog and… It does not answers the question but provides great information on what to expect of the application process in recent years (2010 +). Receiving the Certificate of Eligibility, the staff, Declan being still alive, AIJP and SILIC, class size, language balance and more.

A Singaporean in Japan
Reviews a relatively new program, JBPP (Japanese for Business and Professional Purposes) that was not available during my time.

Baton au Japon : Review of Yamasa Institute, Okazaki
In-dept review of the Japanese teaching methods. Recommended read

You can tell, I have a renewed interest…