November in Okazaki

October is almost finished. I heard that Quebec had its first snowstorm. Here in Okazaki, we are still enjoying a pleasant 25 degrees. Halloween is Tuesday; we bought crap American chocolate, with 50% sugar, 50% fat. One per day is enough. I had trouble with the bathroom in Yamasa’s Residence U. The water drain went crazy, and I had to figure out how to dismantle that thing, to clean it. It’s a 3 pieces plastic drain with 3 openings the size of a 25 cents. When full of women hair, the bathroom gets flooded. Note to myself, clean the drain once a month.

Last weekend there was a local Matsuri around my flat. Nice way to wake up, lots of whistle blowing and firecrackers. I finally found jeans I can wear right size, only at the GAP in Sakae, Nagoya. In other news, Gonzo the star blogger is now engaged to his beautiful girlfriend ( blog in French ). He recently moved to Nagoya, and now he is actively looking for employment. I had my first exam of this term; I am positive that I failed at around 70% (pass grade is 75%). We did not have enough grammar review before the exam. Our teacher is coming from the SILAC program. We do a lot of talking, and reading, but that’s about all. The review before the exam was somehow disappointing. I remember I wanted to try SILAC before, I think I am doing just that… haha. I’ll stop complaining and see this in a positive angle. We don’t have much homeworks, and I can put to use all of this grammar we learned since the beginning. As for the exams, well they are just exams. I surprised myself by being able to talk one full hour in Japanese with my girlfriend. It’s a great improvement since April. With the promise of being able to invest in more long-term study (December 2007), I can’t help but smile at the possibility of a brighter future. Now I am just curious to see the exams results Monday. Ah Japan!

Tech news!
Here is a message I received in the comments. Some of you may remember my attempt on having fun before my trip to Japan, with a WRT54. I had run in some problems. There is a fix now! Read here:

From tegg
I had exactly this problem – turns out it there seems to be a bug in the version of gcc that Apple ship. There is an easy workaround though, just have to change the kismet_server code slightly. See my post on the kismet_forum:

Here’s what I was looking for! Grrr… Apple I knew it was your fault!

— packetstream.h 2005-05-26 16:51:45.000000000 +0200
+++ packetstream_new.h 2006-10-24 15:43:42.000000000 +0200
@@ -38,10 +38,10 @@

typedef struct stream_frame_header {
- uint32_t frame_sentinel __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint8_t frame_type __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint32_t frame_len __attribute__ ((packed));
+ uint32_t frame_sentinel;
+ uint8_t frame_type;
+ uint32_t frame_len;
+} __attribute__ ((packed));

typedef struct stream_version_packet {
uint16_t drone_version;
@@ -49,34 +49,34 @@

typedef struct stream_packet_header {
- uint32_t header_len __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint16_t drone_version __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint32_t len __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint32_t caplen __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint64_t tv_sec __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint64_t tv_usec __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint16_t quality __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint16_t signal __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint16_t noise __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint8_t error __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint8_t channel __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint8_t carrier __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint8_t encoding __attribute__ ((packed));
- uint32_t datarate __attribute__ ((packed));
- int16_t gps_lat __attribute__ ((packed));
- int64_t gps_lat_mant __attribute__ ((packed));
- int16_t gps_lon __attribute__ ((packed));
- int64_t gps_lon_mant __attribute__ ((packed));
- int16_t gps_alt __attribute__ ((packed));
- int64_t gps_alt_mant __attribute__ ((packed));
- int16_t gps_spd __attribute__ ((packed));
- int64_t gps_spd_mant __attribute__ ((packed));
- int16_t gps_heading __attribute__ ((packed));
- int64_t gps_heading_mant __attribute__ ((packed));
- int8_t gps_fix __attribute__ ((packed));
+ uint32_t header_len;
+ uint16_t drone_version;
+ uint32_t len;
+ uint32_t caplen;
+ uint64_t tv_sec;
+ uint64_t tv_usec;
+ uint16_t quality;
+ uint16_t signal;
+ uint16_t noise;
+ uint8_t error;
+ uint8_t channel;
+ uint8_t carrier;
+ uint8_t encoding;
+ uint32_t datarate;
+ int16_t gps_lat;
+ int64_t gps_lat_mant;
+ int16_t gps_lon;
+ int64_t gps_lon_mant;
+ int16_t gps_alt;
+ int64_t gps_alt_mant ;
+ int16_t gps_spd;
+ int64_t gps_spd_mant;
+ int16_t gps_heading;
+ int64_t gps_heading_mant;
+ int8_t gps_fix;

- uint8_t sourcename[32] __attribute__ ((packed));
+ uint8_t sourcename[32];
+} __attribute__ ((packed));


3 thoughts on “November in Okazaki

  1. hello whitewhip, long time no talk… but i keep on reading your blog you know ;)

    You can actualy speak a whole hours in chaps? so cool, isnt the jap one of the most complicated language to learn? and you are there since what, only a year? that’s awsome i says :P

    and what do you mean by “I finally found jeans I can wear right size”? the jeans over there are to big/small?

    what did you tried to do with your wrt54g? a hack or something? i have one too and i use DD-WRT has firmware, i love it, tho i think the firewall could be a bit more “pro”… right now i cant even just block so my lil bro dont pass all of his time on that crapy MMORPG.

    anyway, have some good time over there, cya


  2. Red-fox: Merci d’avoir laissé un commentaire. Oui je peux maintenant parler pendant une heure en japonais. Je regarde une feuille avec des questions en japonais, et on se part une petite discutions. Mais c’est encore limitée quand meme, pas de philosophie. Cela ne fais que 7 mois que je suis ici, mais j’apprends quand meme bien plus vite que si jaurais étudier par moi-même. Au sujet des vêtements, oui les tailles sont plus petite dans le sens de la longeur, épaule moin large ect. Même certain accessoire “d”hygiène” personnelle sont adapter, tel que les rasoirs jettables et les condoms.
    Au sujet du WRT-54G, eh bien en plus de changer son firmware, je l’avais transformer en “Drone” pour cassé les clé d’encryptions des transmissions wi-fi. Ce n’est plus un router mais une machine dédier à collecter des paquets. Malheureusement, quelques choses c’est passé dans l’avions ou mon coloc du moment à toucher au bouton reset, mais mon WRT-54G est mort.

    Drizzt: ouin mon pere ma appris cette triste nouvelle, je me souviens d’années ou les citrouilles étaient couverte. Cette semaine ici a Okazaki, les temperatures sont a la baisse, 20-22 le midi, et 12-14 durant la nuit. C’est assez pour abandonner les shorts…

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