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How much Yamasa changed since 2006

Wow it’s just incredible how Yamasa has changed since 2006. It looks like the old Hattori factory that was getting teared down when I was studying there changed into some sort of park? Other oddities reported are a communal vegetable garden, Yamasa merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee mugs, you need to buy your books at what was known as the multimedia studio, a Yamasa restaurant and The Yamasa Day care???

Moreover I see that Hattori is not listed in front of Yamasa II anymore. That would be an interesting story to dig into.

Anyway check out this great blog from Espelancer Chronicles that will “chronicle” his experience in Japan at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki, Japan from July to August, 2012.

Job in Japan: new take on much rumoured wedding minister

Since my first stay in Japan, the subject of going back with my spouse and making a living has always been on my mind. Turns out that in international couple, this subject is much talked about. For some couple, it is already decided, there is no hope of going back, and the couple stays in Canada, or US, or anywhere else but Japan. The main consideration being the employment of the husband.

One story that I often hear when I meet with other couples is of guys who worked as fake pastor, fake wedding minister. I shrugged my head the first time I heard this, but this being Japan, no harm is meant so I decided to research the subject a little more.
Turns out that there is someone we know who got to work as a wedding minister in Japan for some time. So the rumors were true. Of course he got introduced to the agencies by one of his friend who was about to leave Japan and had promised his agency that he would find a replacement.

Now it would seem that for someone who would like to enter this line of work, good contact are necessary, but it maybe not. Have moderate faith and you are, generally, a good Christian? This could be for you ( and me ). I found an eBook that was around the web for some time re-launched as a special “report”. Working as a wedding minister in Japan, it is called.
Well, I decided to check it out, just like I bought Debito’s and Mr. Dillon books.

I was surprised by the amount of information supplied. If I ever want to be a wedding minister in Japan, I got everything I need there. I even showed it to my friend who did the work for a while before and he said that it was spot on and even making it too easy to beat the others applicants when things get competitive.

I wish it wasn’t priced so high and that the sale page wasn’t so aggressive, but I guess the value is there. I could easily get started if I wanted and get what I paid back with just one gig. And I paid much more for the book about buying property in Japan.
So if you are looking for alternative ways to earn money in Japan, that is a good one to add on your list of gaijin jobs in Japan.

State of the Japanese economy

There were talks of inflation at the end of summer in Japan. Some were quick to jump to the conclusion that this was desirable outcome. But this inflation was driven by outside force, namely the price of imports such as oil. So while the cost of goods increased, people’s salaries did not. This wealth such went outside of Japan. And now that Japan is in a confirmed recession one has to wonder about living in Japan. You wish to be an English teacher? Things are not like they used to be. With the demise of Nova, a surge of qualified teacher hit the streets. Combined with a demonstrated reduced interest in learning English and you have one of the worst time ever to go to Japan. With the Japanese Yen (JPY) at an all time high it seems risky to plan a move until the end of 2009. Even Yamasa, the school I attended still has opening this late before the start of the new semester of spring 2009 in the AIJP program. How will you be able to sustain yourself?