Mystery Building on route 248

As many of you know, route 248 is one of the main road in Okazaki. That’s the road where AEON is, where Daiso is, the road you cross from the student accommodations to go to school. While sitting in the back seat of a car, moving in direction of Toyota, I often wondered about a tall building with the lettering “Oliver” in the neighborhood of Daimon,Okazaki. Something about the font told me it was a serious business, but what kind? Turns out it is a furniture manufacturer and designer for commercial and institutional customers. They did the furniture for the Prime Minister of Japan’s offices, churches, schools, library. Very impressive.


They sell to the public so if you are in the mood for furniture that is different from Nitori or Ikea, try Oliver Furniture.



When Okazaki gets involved in dating


A blind date party, “Machi-con” in Okazaki.

I never realized during my time at Yamasa that Okazaki was such a lively city. They are really trying hard, and not just the City itself, but the Chamber of commerce and the citizen as well.

Maybe a good place to look for a friend or a date in Japan? I checked the posted rules and there is nothing against foreigners. I would guess that a fairly high level of Japanese is required, as a courtesy to the other participants.

At any rate, I wanted to share because I tough it was kind of funny and also a good idea.

WordPress is bloated – Migration to Kirby

I’m investigating moving to a flat file based blog. Over the years, WordPress has gotten bigger and bigger on its memory requirement. Use of caching plugin does help, but its nothing compared to what it used to be 10 years ago.
Just like I like to use minimal linux install on older hardware, such as CruchBang I’m currently investigating migrating the blog to Kirby. That way, I will be able to keep this blog online for an other 5 years at a minimal cost.